Brian Feldmann

Architectural Technician

Hometown - St. Louis, Missouri

Hobbies - I enjoy trying to find my golf ball that just missed the fairway, noodling on a guitar while watching baseball and seeing standup comedy.

Pets - 1 Puggle named Obi

College/Degree - Drury University, Bachelors of Architecture, Minor in Art History and Global Studies

Favorite vacation spot - Any beach sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it.

First job - Skate guard at a skating rink.  I'm sorry if I gave you or your child time out for skating too fast!

Favorite food or restaurant - Italian

What can’t you live without - Family. Friends. Sandwiches

What got you into architecture - My high school drafting class.  It was the only class in High School that I always looked forward to.