Daniela Grushevska


Hometown - Nessebar, Bulgaria

Hobbies - Being outdoors and exercising (running, hiking, walking, strength-training); cooking; astronomy; jigsaw puzzles

Pets - Cat - Evy

College/Degree - Maryville University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design

Favorite vacation spot - The Utah high dessert and hiking spots.

First job - Souvenir store clerk in my home town servicing the seasonal tourists

Favorite food or restaurant - Chocolate, seafood, cheese, wine, fresh produce.  Big foodie, love a variety of eclectic restaurants and cuisines and making food from scratch and fresh ingredients at home.  Love hosting dinner parties.

What can’t you live without - Good food, my daily runs/walks

What got you into architecture - I was inspired by my mom's old Ikea catalogs when I was a kid.  Her friend and colleague was married to a Swedish man and brought the catalogs to my mom from her trips during a time when things like this were not easily-accessible.