Uriel Granados


Hometown - Guanajuato, Mexico

Hobbies - Playing soccer, drawing, Fixing stuff

Pets - Had 2 dogs Hazel, Chloe (now in doggy heaven)

College/Degree - University of Texas at Arlington, Bachelor of Architecture

Favorite vacation spot - Telluride Colorado and Pensacola Florida!

First job - iCustom360 Phone Repair

Favorite food or restaurant - I love any food that smells good! But if I had to choose Meso Maya Carne Asada

What can’t you live without - My family

What got you into architecture - In middle school I was in a MST (Math Science and Technology) school, they had an architecture course and it always fascinated me, the 3D models, the hand drawings and the model building. One day I would love to build/design a net zero house I love the concept of sustainability